+200 members from the public and private sectors

Controlling +10 billion square feet of commercial building space

Working together through 5 sector groups and 15 solutions teams

Making commercial buildings
20% more efficient by 2020

Commercial buildings—our offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and stores—consume nearly 20% of all energy used in the United States. We spend more than $200 billion each year to power our country's commercial buildings. Unfortunately, much of this energy and money is wasted; a typical commercial building could save 20% on its energy bills simply by commissioning existing systems so they operate as intended. Energy efficiency is a cost-effective way to save money, support job growth, reduce pollution, and improve competitiveness.

Through the Better Buildings Alliance, members in different market sectors work with the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) exceptional network of research and technical experts to develop and deploy innovative, cost-effective, energy-saving solutions that lead to better technologies, more profitable businesses, and better buildings in which we work, shop, eat, stay, and learn. Join today to start saving energy in your commercial buildings.

View the recently published 2013 Annual Report, which reviews Better Buildings Alliance accomplishments for the year, highlights examples of members in action, and outlines plans for the current year.

Upcoming Events

  • September 16 Overview of the Advanced RTU
  • Overview of the Advanced RTU with Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Audience

    September 16, 2014
    2:00-3:30 PM EDT

    Presenter: Ian Adams, Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance; Michael Deru, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Matt Matenaer, Focus on Energy

    Older, inefficient commercial HVAC rooftop unit (RTU) air conditioning systems are common and can significantly waste a building’s energy costs. By replacing or retrofitting them, you can save money, improve your energy efficiency, make your building more comfortable, and help the environment. The Advanced RTU Campaign (ARC) encourages commercial building owners and operators to replace their old RTUs with more efficient units or to retrofit their RTUs with advanced controls in order to take advantage of these benefits. The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) is a Supporter of the campaign, in collaboration with the lead organizers, ASHRAE, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Better Buildings Alliance.

    This webinar is an introduction to ARC and a review of tools available to evaluate and implement high efficiency RTU technology. We will provide information on the energy and cost savings potential, benefits of joining the Campaign, how to join, and the myriad technical resources available for RTU evaluation and improvement. The webinar also feature information on programs and incentives available to businesses in the Midwest to help them make these RTU investments in their buildings, and a case study example from Focus on Energy, another ARC Supporter, of a Midwestern company’s RTU replacement with high-efficiency units.

    Register here.

    Target Audience: Contractors, building owners and operators, property managers and facility engineers.

  • September 17 The LEEP Campaign Celebrates Lighting for Civic Parking Facilities
  • The LEEP Campaign Celebrates Lighting for Civic Parking Facilities

    September 17, 2014
    2:00 PM-3:00 PM EDT

    Presenter: Michael Myer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

    Learn how high efficiency lighting technologies and approaches can reduce energy use in your parking lots and garages, saving you money while delivering high quality lighting. The presentation will cover questions that should be asked when considering a high efficiency lighting retrofit or new installation, highlights of Year 1 Awardees, and discuss how your participation supports the Year 2 Goal of 500 million square feet of high-efficiency parking structure or lot space planned or in place by March 1, 2015. Learn how the LEEP Campaign offers awards, recognition, and support to encourage owners and managers of buildings, parking lots, and parking structures to take advantage of proven high-efficiency lighting technology.

    In addition, learn about Free Resources available from the LEEP Campaign, including: lighting specifications, financial analysis tools, case studies demonstrating financial and energy savings, and technical assistance from the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

    Register here.

    Target Audience: Building Owners/Managers/Operators, Manufacturers, Lighting Consultants, Lighting Contractors, Utility and Energy Efficiency Organizations

  • September 18 Space Conditioning Team - Packaged HVAC Meeting
  • Space Conditioning Team - Packaged HVAC Meeting

    September 18, 2014
    3:00-4:00 PM EDT

    We have a great opportunity to hear about a Navy demonstration of an RTU Challenge unit from Ian Doebber at NREL and learn about the recent activities and new resources from the Advanced RTU Campaign!

    • • Introductions and welcome
    • • Navy RTU Challenge demonstration results
    • • Advanced RTU Campaign updates and new resources
    • • Review RTU replacement and retrofit procurement specifications
    • • Open discussion

    Target Audience: Team members and potential members
    Audio: 1-866-692-4538, Conference Code 4377506#

    Join us online, using meeting number SA374353 and meeting passcode 1891249.

  • September 19 Lighting & Electrical Team Meeting
  • Lighting & Electrical Team Meeting

    September 19, 2014
    1:00-2:00 PM EDT
    • • Introductions/Announcements
    • • Exterior Lighting Update:
    •     • LEEP Campaign
    •     • RP-20-14:
    •          • IES Recommended Practice for Lighting Parking Facilities
    •          • Long-awaited update expected before the end of calendar year
    •          • Some possible changes in practice(s)
    •     • Possible updates to the Better Buildings Alliance parking lot / parking structure specifications:
    •          • Parking Lot Specification Link & Parking Structure Specification Link
    •          • Team will update in response to RP-20-14
    •          • Feedback from members by end of October on existing versions requested
    •     • Other:
    •          • Wall pack specification Link
    •          • Controls guidance Link
    •          • Any items in outdoor lighting need to be discussed?
    • • Interior Lighting Campaign Planning:
    •     • Overview of troffer focus
    •     • Data about troffers
    •     • Troffer – related metrics
    •     • Better Buildings Alliance Troffer Specification:
    •          • Troffer Specification Link
    •          • Possible updates to efficacy values
    •     • T-LEDs / Retrofit Kit:
    •          • Design Lights Consortium 4-Foot Replacement Kits Specification values
    •     • Request for information about troffers from site(s)
    •     • Interest in Participating
    • • Q/A / Team Interaction (All)
    • • Wrap Up

    Target Audience: Team members and potential members
    Audio: 1-877-336-1839, Conference Code 6299368 #

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